Nogueira cro coo

Nogueira cranking the armbar that ended the fight, as Filipovic grimaces in pain.

The fight was for the interim Pride heavyweight championship. The fight was one of the most exciting fights in Pride history, with Mirko Filipovic dropping Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira with one of his famous high kicks at the end of the round but Nogueira survived it in the corner. He was not unconscious. In the second round, Nogueira pulled off a miraculous armbar victory.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled. Nogueira finally went for the takedown and Mirko sprawled but went into Nogueira's full guard and landed two hammerfists. Mirko landed more hammerfists. Nogueira threw an elbow from the bottom. Mirko postured up and landed another hammerfist. Nogueira threw some shots from the bottom. Nogueira landed more shots from the bottom, effectively controlling the ground game. Mirko stood and let Nogueira get up. Nogueira blocked the devastating head kick and then another. Mirko landed a high body kick. Mirko landed a good combination. Nogueira missed a takedown and laid on his back, but Mirko let him up. Nogueira's nose was bloodied up. Nogueira missed another takedown and laid on his back but Mirko let him up. Nogueira went for another takedown and Mirko landed a soccer kick before letting him up. Mirko landed a high body kick. Nogueira checked another head kick. Mirko landed a combination and a liver kick. Mirko landed a high body kick and a straight left. Nogueira went for the takedown but had to stand up again. They clinched and Mirko shoved Nogueira down but Nogueira had to get up. Three minutes remained. Mirko shoved Nogueira down and let him up. Mirko landed a leg kick. Nogueira went for another takedown but had to get up. Mirko landed a wicked body kick. Nogueira landed some jabs. Nogueira landed a body kick. One minute remained. Mirko landed a liver kick. Nogueira landed a leg kick. Mirko landed a wicked head kick followed by a straight left and Nogueira went down but the first round ended.

The second round began. They touched gloves. Nogueira went for the takedown and got it, moving to side control and then mount quickly. The crowd was roaring. Nogueira landed some ground-and-pound. Nogueira landed some more hammerfists but Mirko bucked him off and Nogueira grabbed an armbar and Mirko tapped out.

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