Swick landing a 'quick' combination of punches to the face of Saunders.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves, circling. Swick got the takedown and Saunders pulled guard, moving to a butterfly guard. Swick landed some shots to the side of Saunders' head. Swick landed some body shots. Saunders basically just continued to hug Swick to him. Swick said 'Are you gonna fuckin' hold me all night?' and Saunders replied with 'Why don't you let me up, bitch?' Swick landed some hard shots to the side of Saunders' head and then stood up. Swick went for a guillotine. Swick let go and went to half-guard. The referee told the fighters to work. Swick stood again and ate an upkick. Swick went back into full guard and landed some shots from the top. The referee stood them up. Saunders landed a good body kick. Swick landed a good right and then a hard knee and then a combination, those 'punches in bunches' as they are called. Swick landed a left. Swick landed an uppercut and they clinched. Saunders landed a knee inside and then another. Another knee from Saunders. Twenty seconds remained. Swick landed a few foot stomps. The first round ended. Saunders rubbed Swick's head as they went back to their corners amidst boos from the crowd.

The second round began. Saunders missed a high body kick and again. Swick landed a left and some knees. They clinched. Saunders landed some good knees. They exchanged knees. Swick got the trip takedown and went to mount. Saunders escaped. Swick landed some shots to the side of Saunders' head. Swick struggled to pass a butterfly guard that Saudners had. Swick passed to half-guard. Saunders brought it back to full guard. Saunders brought a body triangle from the bottom. He let it go. Swick landed some more hard ground-and-pound. The referee stood the fight back up. Saunders landed a high body kick. Saudners landed a leg kick. They clinched and exchanged knees, broke. Saunders landed a leg kick. Swick landed an uppercut and a knee to Saunders. Saunders was smiling, tried a push kick. Swick landed an uppercut as Saunders landed an inside leg kick. Swick landed some combinations and a few rights, the continued punches and bunches and Saunders was down. TKO victory for Mike Swick, who leaped over the cage and shook the hands of Dana White and others, leaped back inside.

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