Russow landing ground-and-pound on Zentsov.

The FightEdit

The first round began. It was scheduled for five two-minute rounds. They circled. Russow shot for the single and slammed Zentsov hard into half-guard by the ropes. He really puts his hips into those takedowns, dude. Zentsov regained guard after a moment. Russow postured up landing blocked shots. Zentsov doing a good job defensively. Russow came down into side control nicely after standing. Four minutes. He had a choke, a north-south choke maybe. Zentsov was struggling to pull out, his face was turning purple. Three thirty. Zentsov was struggling but just... now laying there. Russow let it go. Three ten. Russow turned and held Zentsov down, struggling to turn to north-south. He landed a knee to the body, another, high to the back. Two thirty. Russow turned for north-south, Zentsov was defending. Russow landed a pair of short knees and he turned to north-south for the north-south choke once more and that was deep. Zentsov tapped the mat desperately.

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