Guida russow

Guida and Russow exchanging punches.

The FightEdit

The crowd chanted 'Guida'. The first round began and they touched gloves. Guida landed a good right hand. They clinched. They worked for position. Four twenty remaining. Guida dropped for a takedown, Russow briefly looked for a standing guillotine but he let it go. Guida dropped again, he stood back to the clinch. Four minutes. The crowd was split between chants of 'Russow' and 'Guida'. Russow got the single to guard with three forty-five. He pressed Guida up against the fence. Guida stood after a moment to the clinch and he avoided a standing guillotine. Russow landed a right hand inside. Three minutes with Russow nearly getting another single but Guida defended. Russow had a standing guillotine though and it was tight and Guida tapped. Oh wow. I figured it would be a decision. In the replay, as Bas noted, it looked more like a neck crank.

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