The first round began and they touch gloves. Chandler lands a stiff jab. He blocks a high kick. Chandler lands a stiff jab then a right. Campos eats another right, lands one, eats one, lands a leg kick, eats a big right. Campos eats a left, lands a counter right. Chandler drops him with a right, pounces with rights, rights and lefts after 4:00, huge rights and lefts, big right, right elbow, defends an armbar, right elbow, big rights. Three big right elbows, another, Campos stands landing a blocked knee. Crowd roaring. Chandler lands a stiff jab. Catches a leg kick, gets a low single after, has the back, suplex onto Campos' head. has both hooks, has the choke, 3:00, loses it. Big rights under. Thinking choke. Has the choke tight. Campos taps. Chandler hops up on the cage, crowd roaring. "There was not a competitive second in this fight," Jimmy comments. 2:17 R1. "Derek Campos is a tough guy, hit me a couple times right in my mouth, bloodied my lip." Classy. "Missouri's the greatest place in the entire world, my heart and soul is here. I want that belt back. Will Brooks, that belt's got my name on it, wherever you are."