Bisping pounding on Day.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled aggressively. Day landed a nice leg kick. Day just missed a standing elbow. Day landed an inside leg kick. Four twenty-five. The crowd was singing. Day landed a good leg kick. Good head movement by both men. Bisping caught a leg kick and landed a sweep but couldn't get it fully. Four minutes. Bisping landed a leg kick, ducked under some counters and they clinched. Three forty-five remaining. Bisping got double underhooks after a bit and got the takedown to guard, he avoided a triangle attempt and postured up with a few right hands. Three ten. Bisping landed a few more right hands and some more and a left as well. Another right and a elft. Three minutes. Day tried to turtle up, Bisping came back down with a few more rights and lefts. Bisping passed to side control nicely. Two thirty-five. Day was looking for half-guard. Bisping defended. Day rolled out and stood. Bisping landed a right hand and a blocked knee. Day pressed forward, Bisping got another double-leg to side control. Two minutes with Bisping trying to mount but Day kept him in half-guard. Bisping mounted. Day was trying to back him off. He gave up his back. Bisping dragged him down, pounding with right hands in side back mount. One thirty-five. Bisping just pounding on Day with left hands and hammerfists, stood over him pounding, came back down pounding on both knees with right hands and then elbows and the referee stopped it.

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