Schafer looking to choke out Bisping.

This was Michael Bisping's first fight on pay-per-view after his victory in The Ultimate Fighter.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled in close. Bisping landed a good right hand and they clinched and broke. Bisping landed a good jab and an inside leg kick and Schafer got the takedown, Bisping scrambled back to his feet but Schafer kept coming, looking for the single-leg against the fence with Bisping defending. Schafer quit looking for it, to the clinch and landed a knee and they broke. Schafer appeared to have rudimentary standup. They clinched and broke. Bisping tried a front kick, Schafer caught it and got the takedown to side control and he was looking to trap the arm in the crucifix. Bisping reclaimed half-guard. Schafer landed a pair of body shots. Schafer was looking for an arm triangle perhaps. He had that good. Bisping reclaimed guard however. Good job by Bisping honestly. Bisping pushed Schafer off with his legs, Schafer came back as Bisping stood and leaped up on the back, got both hooks, lost one hook and Bisping dumped him on his head, he still had one hook in and he went to mount and he landed a good elbow. Bisping reclaimed half-guard nicely, he was looking to hip-escape to full guard. Bisping was using a headlock to stand up to the clinch now. He got up into the clinch. Schafer had that body lock and landed a good knee. Schafer broke with another good knee. Bisping landed a headkick and Schafer came for the takedown, Bisping defended to the clinch and he landed a good knee. Schafer landed a body shot. Bisping landed a knee to the body and broke. Schafer was breathing hard. Bisping got the body kick and Schafer got the takedown and took the back. Bisping was on one knee and Schafer had the back. Bisping turned into guard and stood over him and landed a good hammerfist and stood over him and landed another pair of big shots, Schafer attempted an armbar but Bisping pulled out and lnded more big shots and stood over him landing big shots and Schafer rolled and covered up and the referee stopped it. Schafer's lower lip was bleeding inside his mouth, it was cut inside as the doctors attended to it.

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