Sinosic bisping

Bisping ground-and-pounding the bloodied Sinosic.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They touched gloves. Sinosic landed a leg kick and then another. Sinosic grabbed the Muay Thai clinch and landed some knees. Bisping grabbed a kick and threw Sinosic down. Sinosic looked for an armbar. Bisping broke free quickly however and landed some hammerfists. Sinosic pulled guard. Sinosic landed some shots from the bottom. Bisping landed an elbow from the top and another hammerfist. He landed more ground-and-pound. Bisping continued landing bombs and stood. Bisping came back down and landed more hammerfists. Bisping landed some elbows. Sinosic was cut somewhere. Bisping stood, landing more ground-and-pound and threw more. Bisping landed more elbows. Sinosic was bleeding badly everywhere. Sinosic pulled full guard once more. Bisping stood once more and landed more ground-and-pound. Bisping landed more elbows and hammerfists. Sinosic was exhausted and bloody. Bisping landed more elbows and ground-and-pound. Bisping stood and landed more bombs. The first round ended. Sinosic had a two-inch gash in the middle of his forehead.

The second round began. Bisping landed a right. Sinosic landed two inside leg kicks. Bisping landed a high body kick. Sinosic caught Bisping with a knee and knocked him down and dived on top into side control, to north-south. Sinosic grabbed a kimura and sank the submission in. Bisping escaped. Sinosic got Bisping's back. Bisping turned it over into Sinosic's guard and began landing more ground-and-pound. Mazzagatti stopped the fight.

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