Rua quinton

Rua viciously landing a knee to the face of Jackson.

The fight was in the opening round of the Pride 2005 middleweight (205 lbs.) grand prix. Rua went on to win the tournament.

The FightEdit

The fight began. Shogun landed a hard shot. They clinched against the ropes and exchanged knees in the clinch. The referee broke the clinch eventually. Rampage landed a hard shot and they clinched again with Shogun landing hard knees close to Rampage's chin. Rampage broke the clinch and took a head kick. Rampage looked rattled. He backed into the corner and they clinched again. The referee broke the clinch. Shogun landed a hard shot. Shogun clinched with him again and continued landing the hard knees to the body, dominating the fight and (later known) breaking Rampage's ribs. Rampage landed a knee and then another. Shogun landed a pair of knees and the referee broke the clinch. Shogun landed a hard shot and rocked Rampage. They clinched. Shogun took Rampage down and went down into half-guard. Shogun passed to side control and went for full mount but Rampage stood and ate some big knees in the clinch. Shogun landed a big right to the liver. Shogun landed a knee to the face. Rampage went for a takedown and continued taking knees and kicks. They stood in a clinch and Rampage nearly collapsed into the corner. Rampage went down and took a trio of soccer kicks before the referee stopped the fight. Shogun had won the fight by TKO.