Alves came in slightly overweight for the fight.

The FightEdit

The fighters came out and touched gloves as the first round began. They circled and felt each other out. Hughes attempted a takedown, defended by Alves. Four minutes remained. Hughes tried for another takedown and Alves defended and they clinched. Hughes shoved Alves into the cage and then backed down into a takedown and pulled guard. Alves landed big shots from the top and they stood up. Hughes landed another takedown and went to side control and then half-guard. Hughes was bloodied up at this point in the fight. Three minutes remained. Alves pulled it to full guard. Two minutes remained. Scattered boos began. Hughes landed a shot from the top. The referee told Hughes to work or he'd stand the fight up. Hughes threw a body elbow. One minute remained. Alves pulled butterfly guard. Hughes moved to half guard. The referee repeated his previous statement. Forty seconds remained. Alves stood and they clinched against the cage. Hughes still had hold of a knee though. They stood completely and Alves took Hughes down. Ten seconds remained. Alves landed bombs from the top. The first round ended and the fighters went back to their corners.

The second round began. They touched gloves. Hughes tried for a takedown and Alves landed a big knee and took Hughes down. Hughes was bleeding. Alves tried to overpower Hughes and attempted to pass and managed to make it into half guard and kept pushing and working. Hughes was bleeding bad. With four minutes and two seconds remaining, Alves threw a big left knee to Hughes' face and knocked him out. The fight was over.