Hamill's split lip from a knee by Boetsch.

Tim Boetsch came into the fight on ten days notice to replace an injured Stephan Bonnar.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled, both trying head movement. They clinched, Boetsch landed a knee. Hamill got the double to half-guard nicely within fifteen or so seconds. Hamill was looking for a neck crank from there. Four fifteen. Four minutes. Hamill tried to mount and they scrambled, Boetsch kept it in half-guard after a moment. Good job. Three thirty. Boetsch just pretty much kept defending the mount attempts. Three minutes. The referee stood them up with two forty-one. Boetsch landed a right hand slightly. Two twenty with Hamill landing a kick to Boetsch's kick, they met at chest-height. They clinched and exchanged knees, Boetsch landed one to the face. Boetsch broke with a missed uppercut and high kick. Two minutes remained. Hamill pumping the jab, ate a leg kick. Boetsch landed an uppercut. Boetsch showing head movement, missed an uppercut. Boetsch landed a nice knee, ate a jab. Boetsch was a little winded now. One fifteen. Hamill's mouth was bleeding. One minute with Hamill landing an inside leg kick. Hamill missed an uppercut and dodged one. Boetsch landed one and a big knee to the face. Hamill landed a right hand and a double jab, triple. Boetsch missed an uppercut. Twenty. Hamill landed an uppercut. Boetsch landed another knee to the face. Ten. Boetsch landed a leg kick. Hamill missed a right hand. The first round ended. Hamill's lip was split open by one of the knees from Boetsch. The second round began. Hamill offered the glove. Boetsch missed another knee. He landed a good leg kick, working the lead leg of Hamill. Hamill landed a right hand and staggered Boetsch for a few moments. Hamill tried a high kick, slipped, Boetsch tried to pounce, they stood. Boetsch landed a big right hand. Four twenty. Boetschw as breathing heavily. He landed a leg kick. Boetsch shot for a single-leg and had Hamill on a knee. Four minutes with Boetsch turtled up eating repeated hammerfists over and over. Hamill turned for side back mount with big hammerfists and now punches, repeatedly from half-guard, over and over, over and over and the referee stopped it.

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