The first round began. Means comes out southpaw. Means tries a sideways right elbow. Brown eats a hard counter, eats another hard straight left and another inside. Means stuffs a single, Brown lands a right elbow. Means lands a straight left. Brown lands a right. Means lands a left, eats an eyepoke, needs a moment. They continue. Means lands a counter right, 4:00. Means lands a left to the body. Brown lands a hard right, anotehr drops Means. Means shoves Brown away. Means knees the body. They clinch. Brown knees the body. Brown knees the body. 3:00. Double underhooks for Brown. Means landing several short rights inside. Means broke with a big left. Brown lands a right. Means lands a left. Means lands a counter right. Brown knees the body twice, lands a nice high kick and a right. Brown lands a left. Means tries a double, Brown thinking guillotine standing. 2:00, cranking it. Lets it go, works a double. Gets it nicely. Means standing. Brown knees the buttocks, now they clinch. "Right elbow Matt!" Brown knees the body hard. Breaks with a right elbow. Brown lands a hard right. 1:00. Means lands a teep. Means lands a hard counter right and a left, lands a high kick. Means lands a hard counter left. And a left elbow, clinch. Means works a double, now a single, Brown bleeding. Means lands another left elbow, Brown breaks with a hard right elbow, lands another, sprawls a double, 30, goes for a tight guillotine, Means taps. Fuck yeah. 4:44 R1. They hug. Brown sets the record for welterweight finishes. "I'm looking to be a champion still! I love Vegas, I love Ireland!" Brown said, "He came in to prove he had the best elbows. We battled it out with elbows. Lot of respect for Tim Means for sure."