Thomas, brown

Matt Brown holding onto a tight armbar as Thomas attempts to slam his way out.


Brown torquing the armbar and forcing Thomas to tap.

After the fight, Ryan Thomas was cut from the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began, and Thomas came out hard. Thomas landed a leg kick, and then another. Brown landed some good shots and Thomas went for the takedown. Brown threw a good knee to the body. Thomas got the takedown, ending up in side control in the scramble and landing a good elbow from the top. Thomas landed some more good ground-and-pound before getting moved to half-guard. Brown used the cage to get up into a clinch, and the fighters exchanged knees inside. Thomas got the takedown again, into half-guard, landing more good ground-and-pound. Brown used the cage to get to his feet once more into another clinch. Thomas had double underhooks once more, however. Thomas landed some foot stomps. Brown landed a good knee inside. Thomas got another slam takedown into full guard. Brown immediately began looking for a triangle. He sank in the triangle and then went for an armbar. Thomas got out and went into side control. Brown moved it back to half-guard. Brown landed a good elbow from the bottom. Brown got full guard once more. Thomas stood and went back into full guard, throwing a big bomb. Brown scrambled on top into Thomas's full guard now. Brown landed a good elbow from the top. Brown stood and landed a bomb. Thomas stood as well and grabbed the single. Brown grabbed the guillotine along with full guard. Thomas fought out of it however. Thomas landed some bombs from the top. Brown went for the triangle again. The first round ended.

The second round began. Brown came out and landed a knee quickly. Thomas shot in for the takedown and missed, tried a head kick and fell. Brown landed some combinations. Thomas got the slam takedown into full guard. Brown went for another armbar and got it again. Thomas slammed Brown down but the armbar stayed locked in. Thomas slammed Brown again but the armbar stayed still. Thomas finally tapped out. The fighters hugged.

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