Arroyo and Kolosci facing off at the weigh-ins.

The fight was the official UFC debut of both Matt Arroyo and John Kolosci.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Kolosci missed a big right hand and shot in, ate a counter jab and slipped but had the takedown, Arroyo was trying to roll to the back and he landed an elbow downwards and Kolosci avoided it and had him back down into full guard, Arroyo was trying a tight guillotine but Kolosci was trying to pull out. Kolosci was out, but damn that was a tight guard too. Four ten. Arroyo worked a high guard briefly. Arroyo landed some hammerfists from the bottom. Arroyo worked a high guard again and was working towards an armbar and Kolosci was trying to posture up out of it and he slammed Arroyo. Three twenty five. Back to regular guard and Arroyo grabbed that armbar again and it was tight, Kolosci tried to spin out and he did, back to guard. Three minutes. Two thirty-five. Arroyo was warned three or four times for holding the fence. Two fifteen. Kolsoci landed a few body shots. Kolosci stood over Arroyo. He let him up. One forty-five. They touched gloves. Kolsoci missed a really sloppy right hand and Arroyo pulled jumping guard with a tight guillotine dragging him down. It was very tight. Kolosci pulled out. One ten. Arroyo had his mouth open. Kolosci landed a few body shots. Thirty five. Kolosci landed a good right hand from the top, Arroyo rolled for a tight armbar and it was tight and Kolosci was forced to tap. Arroyo leaped onto the fence and whooped. Kolosci was very disappointed in himself immediately.

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