The first round began. Blencowe coming forward early, knees the body as they soon clinch. Coenen lands an inside kick, Coenen gets a nicely timed double to side control. Taking the back. 4:00. Got a hook as Blencowe works to stand. Gets the other hook or works to. Gets it. 3:35. Blencowe all defense. 3:00. Coenen landing a few rights under here and there. 2:35. Here and there. Not much else happening. Gets the body triangle. 2:00. Blencowe turns out, nearly stands, Coenen keeps the back, knees the shoulder. Dominating. 1:15. A left under. 1:00. Gets both hooks. Lost one. 35. Gets it back after a bit. They talk about Rousey. "She's.. been big recently." 10. Coenen knees the body FROM the back. R1 ends, 10-9 Coenen.

R2 began. Blencowe nearly lands a high kick. Coenen lands a leg kick. Blencowe lands an inside kick. Coenen lands a huge right. I yelled "Oh." Blencowe ate it like a sandwich. Blencowe lands a counter left but eats a right as she does. Blencowe stuffs a double easily. Blencowe lands a grazing right, Coenen gets the waist cinch. 4:00. Drags her down and has the back, both hooks. Coenen transitions for a risky armbar, Blencowe pulls out and stands over her. 3:30. "Come on in said the spider to the fly." Coenen beckons more but stands. Blencowe lands on top in a scramble. 3:00. On top in side control. Blencowe stands over her again. "Attack or let her up." Coenen stands. Coenen lands a leg kick. Blencowe lands two rights and a knee to the body. Coenen gets a double to side control. Thought she was fading there for a minute or so. Stepping over for an armbar, 2:00. She's going for it. She may have it. Blencowe defending. Coenen straightens out the arm and Blencowe taps, her arm is hurt. Coenen hugs her on the ground. 3:23 R2. I love her accent.