Munoz grigsby

Munoz stacking Grigsby.

The fight was the WEC debut of Mark Munoz.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Grigsby pumped the jab. Munoz faked the shot and Grigsby flinched back to one knee. He did it again a moment later. Munoz shot in, Grigsby was stuffing it and cranking a guillotine attempt and looking for a D'arce as Munoz turtled up and he stopped and they stood and broke with four minutes. Munoz missed a hard leg kick. Grigsby landed an uppercut in close. He wasn't using his reach advantage well. Munoz shot in, Grigsby stuffed it but Munoz kept looking for the single-leg. Three twenty-five. Munoz dumped Grigsby down to side control. Three minutes. Grigsby retained guard. Munoz landed a pair of punches a left and a right. Munoz postured up. Two forty-five. Munoz landed a big hammerfist standing over him. Two twenty. Munoz came down with a big right hand and four or five big hammerfists and stood over him. Munoz's lip was bleeding. He came down with a big right hand to half-guard. One fifty-five. Munoz was trying to set up an arm triangle possibly. Grigsby was looking for a kimura. One thirty-five with Munoz landing an elbow. He passed to side control. One twenty. Munoz landed a hammerfist and another pair and Grigsby retained half-guard eating a right hand and three big hammerfists, Munoz stood over him. One minute. Munoz landed a big right hand and passed to side control and stood and came dwonw ith a big right hand to half-guard and Grigsby was out cold and he landed a pair of hammerfists before the referee stopped it. Grigsby was still down staring at the ceiling.

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