Davis taylor

Davis cranking the armbar for the comeback win.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled aggressively. Taylor landed an inside leg kick and they clinched, Davis was trying for a takedown putting a lot of muscle into it. Taylor was defending. Davis was working for a single-leg. He stopped. Davis kneed the body. They broke with Taylor landing a pair of right hands. Four ten. Taylor landed a body kick and ate a right hook while landing a body kick. Davis landed a right hook once more. Taylor landed a massive headkick and dropped Davis and Taylor pounced to side control, Taylor was pounding with hammerfists, the referee nearly stopped it, and Davis regained guard, Taylor passed to half-guard. Three thirty. Davis had regained his composure. Three minutes. Davis was trying to stand. Taylor stood over the sitting Davis with a big right hand. Davis hugged the legs standing up. He was trying a single. Two thirty-five. Taylor was defending it, then Davis got him down. Taylor was trying to stand once more. Taylor stood, Davis put him back down with a double-leg to guard. Two minutes. Davis postureed up dodging upkicks and he landed a left hand. Davis passed to half-guard. Taylor was trying a guillotine from there. He let it go. Davis briefly worked for an arm triangle. He passed to side cotnrol with big right hands from there, twenty or so and an elbow anda few more right hands, Taylor turned and gave up mount. Taylor was covering up. One minute. Taylor avoiding most of the flurry of punches. Taylor tried to buck, Davis turned to pull guard and he had a tight armbar and he locked it up and Taylor tapped. What a fucking fight. The crowd booed. They hugged.

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