Davis squeezing a tight guillotine and submitting Kelly.

The fight was the first defeat in the mixed martial arts career of Paul Kelly.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They began circling as the British crowd chanted 'Kelly'. Davis landed a body kick. Both fighters kept light on their feet. Davis landed a good inside leg kick. Kelly missed a leg kick. Kelly had his hands low. Kelly landed a good left hand. The crowd was chanting 'Kelly' again. Davis landed some good jabs and remained elusive. Davis landed a good high body kick. Davis landed a leg kick. Davis with another leg kick followed by a nice body kick. Davis landed an inside leg kick. Kelly landed a good combination. Davis got the takedown and Kelly attempted a guillotine. Davis landed some body shots rapidly and muscled out of the guillotine. They scrambled on the ground but Kelly had a half-guard solidly. Davis passed into side control by pure muscle, landing some hammerfists and elbows. They stood. Kelly was cut near the right ear now, probably by one of the elbows. Davis landed a nice body kick. Davis landed a leg kick and then another, followed by a body kick. Kelly tried a head kick. The fighters clapped hands. The first round ended.

The second round began. They touched gloves. Davis landed a leg kick. Kelly had his hands high now. They exchanged strikes. Davis landed another leg kick and a high body kick. Kelly tried for a big uppercut. Davis landed a good inside leg kick. Kelly pushed forward with another big uppercut attempt. Kelly got the takedown. Davis had a headlock for a few moments and decided to go for the guillotine and sank it in tight. Kelly tapped out. Kelly lay on his back, frustrated and disappointed at his first ever loss in his mixed martial arts career and Davis came over to console him and hugged him. Kelly said in the post-fight interview that he 'shouldn't have tapped and should have went out like a man'.

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