R1 began. Held lands a body kick. Nice exchange. Tiger jabs the body. Nice exchange. Sarnavskiy defends a double. And a trip. Defends another double. 4:00. Held knees the leg. Held goes for a leglock after an unorthodox takedown, Sarnavskiy defending. Held turns on top to guard. Three rights to the body. Right hammerfist. Two more. 3:00. Another. Sarnavskiy thinking armbar. Held lands a left elbow. Another. Two lefts. Two right elbows to the body. Sarnavskiy thinking kimura. 2:00. Held escapes. Working to pass. Does to half-guard. And then to side control nicely. Held lands a left elbow. Sarnavskiy regains half-guard. Regains guard. Sarnavskiy trying an omoplata. Now a reverse crucifix perhaps, nope omoplata. No, that's Held in an omoplata using it. Lands an upkick as Sarnavskiy stands, Sarnavskiy was already cut by left brow. Held rolls for a heelhook. Sarnavskiy defending. 30. Sarnavskiy lands a right as he defends. 10. R1 ends, 10-9 Held.

R2 began. Sarnavskiy landsa  body kick, defends a double. Held using a lot of energy here. Adds a trip and gets it to half-guard. Passes to side control. 4:00. Held with some short rights. 3:00. Mounts nicely. Sarnavskiy soon regains half-guard. Held remounts using shoulder pressure. Short right elbow. Sarnavskiy cagewalking. Held going for an armbar in the scramble. 2:00. Stays on top in mount. Going for a triangle in another scramble. Sarnavskiy defending and does escaping to guard. 1:00. Held thinks armbar. Sarnavskiy stands escaping a leglock and another jogging away. Sarnavskiy tries a flying knee, Held gets an easy doouble to half-guard. 30. Held passing. 10. R2 ends, 10-9 Held, not the most exciting.

R3 began and they touch gloves. Sarnavskiy stuffs an ankle pick. Held shoots for a double, Sarnavskiy defends. They break. Held lands a spinning back fist and eats a right, they clinch. Held rolls for a leglock. 4:00. Going for a kneebar. Sarnavskiy verbally taps, damn. He said he earned a title shot and thinks Jansen will win.