Rockhold replies to the outside. Crowd chants Machida. Machida lands a left. Machida lands a left and narrowly misses a right hook. 4:00. Machida lands a big left and a right that time too. Machida comes in with a left, eats a counter right dropping, Rockhold pounces with a guillotine on top, knee on belly, on the face not the chin. Machida fighting the hands. Butterfly guard after escaping. Rockhold lands a body shot, eats two right elbows. Rockhold replies with one. 3:00. Stepping over. Dominant half-guard. Machida going deep half sweep. Rockhold with rights to the body, and a few right elbows to the body. Half-guard. Machida regains guard. Machida lands an upkick. Rockhold stacks him, takes the back, no hooks, a few rights under. Much bigger guy. Machida standing. Rockhold drags him down pulling half-guard. Nope Luke's taking the back. Rockhold turns on top landing a big left to guard. Gets the back again. A few rights under. Machida standing. Rockhold knees the leg. 1:00. Kicks out Machida's leg and gets him down, gets a hook. Machida turns to half-guard eating three legs, one hook. Eight rights under, both hooks, hard lefts under, rights. 20 seconds left. Rockhold might have that choke in, body triangle too. Machida is fighting it, escapes. Rockhold lands a hard thudding left elbow. R1 ends, crowd cheers, 10-8 Rockhold, nearly finished it.

R2 began. Machida lands an inside kick. Machida still seems wobbly. USA chant. Rockhold lands a big left. Machida's right eye is swelling shut. Rockhold lands a leg kick. Machida not moving nearly as well, ate a hard body kick. And another. Machida lands an inside kick. Rockhold lands a leg kick, eats a counter left, shakes his head, lands a body kick and another, 4:00. Machida looks like a shell of himself, almost Dan Hendersonesque. Rockhold lands a counter right. Rogan thinks Machida's concussed. Machida slips and falls to the ground, Rockhold pounces to half-guard, dominant half-guard. Machida's arm trapped behind his back. Rights under. 3:00. Machida pointed to his face looking at the ref. Rockhold lands a right elbow. Mount for Rockhold. Gets the back, both hooks. Flattens him out with the rear-naked choke, he has it, Machida taps, holy shit. Rogan points out in the replay where Machida was broken. Sad moment.