The fight was stopped due to a badly broken toe and after the fight, Tim Lajcik was forced to retire.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Kimo shot in on Tim but Tim sprawled. Kimo tried to get the guillotine on him and Lajcik got a huge takedown on Kimo. Tim controlled position and then disclocates his toe from bouncing, not even from having any contact. It was obvious that Tim had the fight in his favor until the unfortunate misfortune of having his left toe dislocated, which he fought on for a minute and fifty seconds. Apparently, Tim dislocated it five seconds into the fight without realizing it. They took Tim to a hospital. He apparently broke the toe just seconds into the bout while bouncing on it and continued to severely damage it throughout the 2 minutes to the point that the doctor said she has never seen anything like it. It appeared that blood was no longer making it to the end of the toe, putting it in jeopardy of being amputated. Again, this is speculation on the doctors part. Kimo won by doctor stoppage for a badly broken toe at 1:55.

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