The first round began and they touched gloves. Gastelum's southpaw. Ellenberger stuffed a single easily. Kelvin landed a left and a right. And a right jab. 4:00. Ellenberger landed a left and ate an inside kick. Kelvin landed a right. Kelvin landed a left eating a right. Ellenberger landed a big crisp counter right. Good chin on Kelvin. 3:00. Kelvin landed a Superman left and ate a right, Kelvin got him down to half-butterfly. Landed a few short rights. Two lefts. Body body head with rights. Guard. 2:00. Four left elbows. Two right elbows. Ellenberger standing and broke away. Kelvin with a right jab and a body kick. Ellenberger landed a left and ate a one-two. They clinched. 1:00. Kelvin kneed the head. Two knees to thigh. 35. Ellenberger got the standing back and slammed him down, Kelvin scrambled out and got the back, three rights under. Two more. Got the choke with both hooks, 15 left and Ellenberger tapped. Damn. Kelvin was ecstatic. Jake patted Kelvin on the back.