Parisyan fickett

Parisyan and Fickett exchanging.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Drew landed a few leg kicks and one hit Karo in the groin. They continued after a few moments. Drew went for a knee and Karo shot in for a takedown, landing a couple punches and Drew managed to scramble up to his feet and they broke apart. They exchanged with both landing a few punches. Karo kept looking for that overhand right but he wasn't landing it. Drew was landing good combinations, but he was eating good counter combinations from Karo as well. Karo was getting the better of the standup, and towards the end of the round, Drew started going for takedowns with Karo stuffing most of them. The second round began. Karo got the takedown to guard and pushed Drew up against the cage. Drew landed a good elbow from the bottom and cut Karo. One of Karo's elbows cuts Drew soon after. What a bloody fight. Karo passed to half guard, and the fight was stopped to check the cuts. Karo's cut was under his eye but it was a bad gash. The doctor let the fight continue despite the cuts. They restarted in the same position. Karo passed to side control but Drew squirmed out of it. Karo landed a big right hand, but the punch didn't seem to hurt Drew. Karo continued to throw elbows, and Drew scrambled for position. Drew managed to get back to his feet, and then goes for the double leg and took Karo down. Drew landed some elbows himself. One of the best rounds in a bit. The third round began. Both fighters still looked fresh. Karo's white shorts were red with blood. Drew rolled for a kneebar, but Karo escaped and ended up on top, but Drew scrambled up again. They exchanged kicks, punches, and knees evenly. Karo got the judo throw, but for some inconcievable reason he allowed Drew to stand. Towards the end of the round Drew was starting to look tired, and Karo landed a couple of clean punches to the face. Karo got another takedown, but Drew gave up his back and stood back up again. They broke apart. For the last seconds of the round they both swung for the fences and the third round ended. Great fight. Karo got the unanimous decision.

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