A gif of Parisyan getting a beautiful judo throw takedown.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Parisyan stalked, quickly closing the distance and giving up his back but getting the takedown into Lytle's guard. Karo sat back for an ankle lock but Lytle defended, and Karo settled back into the guard. A couple of good punches from Karo. Lytle started to look for an armbar, Parisyan defended and landed a few elbows. Some more short elbows. Parisyan postured up and he ate an upkick. The referee stood them up. Lytle landed a knee to the face that dropped Parisyan. Karo recovered and got a takedown once more right into an arm triangle from the bottom by Lytle. Parisyan defended and pulled out back into Lytle's guard. Parisyan landed more good short elbows to end the first round. The second round began. Lytle landed a good combination, but Parisyan got a takedown into Lytle's half-guard. Lytle regained guard. The referee stood them up after a bit, with no action. Lytle missed a big haymaker right hand and Parisyan took the oppurtunity to secure another takedown. Lytle looked for a guillotine and tried to sweep with it and he managed to, on top into Karo's half-guard. Lytle passed to side control but Parisyan scrambled and managed to stand up. Parisyan got a beautiful judo throw on top to side control, but Lytle quickly recovered guard. The referee stood them back up after a bit without action. Parisyan got yet another takedown and ended the second round in guard. The third round began. They circled, Karo was looking very aggressive and pressuring Lytle. He got another takedown into guard. Parisyan landed some more good elbows to Lytle's face. Lytle got his butterflies in and used them to sweep on top but Parisyan scrambled up to the feet and got yet another takedown to Lytle's guard. Lytle threw up a triangle attempt, Parisyan defended and he looked to pass to half-guard but Lytle wasn't going to let him. Parisyan stayed busy but he wasn't really landing too much. He passed to side control after a bit, looking for an arm triangle or neck crank. Lytle defended appropriately by throwing his legs up and recovering guard. The third round ended. Parisyan gained the unanimous decision victory.

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