The first round began and they touched gloves. Daron landed a spinning high kick, they exchanged. Noons oblique kicked the lead leg. Daron landed a right. Daron landed a left high kick with the foot. Noons landed a blocked high kick. 4:00. Daron landed an inside kick. He landed a right to the body. Cruickshank ate an eyepoke. "How many numbers am I holding up?" Big John asked. "None," Daron replied; they continued. Noons landed a left and another, Daron slammed him down from the waist cinch. Noons stood and broke away, nice exchange. 3:00. Daron landed a right and an inside kick. Teeped the body. Daron got a low single, Noons stood. Daron landed a left. Noons looks slow and plodding and flatfooted. Noons tried a flying knee, ate a counter right. Daron landed a leg kick with 2:00. Noons checked a leg kick came in eating a right and another, both counters. Noons landed a left. 1:00. "Hands high!" Daron landed a body kick. Noons blocked a high kick. 35. Noons landed a right and a left, ate a side kick to the body though. Noons kneed the face. 15. Daron worked a double and got it. Got the back. Noons standing. R1 ends, 10-9 Daron.

R2 began. Daron landed a flying knee. Noons kneed the body, landed a flying knee himself. Daron called it illegal or called it an eyepoke, Big John initially said keep going and then called time. Oh come on. Daron's left eye is bleeding. Same eye as was poked before, this one looks bad. Doctor taking a look. Big John told Noons to watch his fingers when pushing away. Noons apologized. The left eye looks bad. The pinkie went into it and cut the eye. Daron doesn't want to fight, says he can't see. Fight's stopped. Boos. Noons hugged him. 0:25 R2, no-contest. They hugged.