I tuned into the prelims towards the end of R1 of Justin Lawrence vs.  Sean Wilson, seems good so far. Featherweight fight. Lawrence looks really good at featherweight, drops Wilson briefly with a left. Rocks him with another, doesn't pounce. Drops him with an awkward flying knee and a right, big rights under, lefts and rights.  More rights under. More. Gets a hook. 1:00. The other hook. Underhooks the arm, goes for the choke, has it tight, oloses it. Loses the hooks. 35. Wilson regains guard. "Guillotine!" Two big left elbows, two right elbows, five more, 15, big rights and lefts under as Wilson turns his back, ref stops it with five seconds left. Wow! They hug, very classy of Wilson, Wilson shakes Lawrence's corner's hands. Classy as hell.