The first round began. Gordon got a single in a scramble, Samman stood working a single himself. Pressed hard for it and got it, Gordon sprawled out, they stood and broke. Gordon landed a counter right. Ref stepped in for some reason after they exchanged, Samman accidentally kneed the groin, Rogan thought it missed in the preview. Nah it landed. They continued and touched gloves. Gordon landed a counter right, he reversed a takedown attempt landing in guard. 4:00. Serra kept screaming side control. Short lefts. Samman neutralizing Gordon. Body head with lefts. 3:00. Rogan spoke about a Serra-Longo reality show. Ref warned them, lefts to body and head. Another warning for activity. Boos. Ref stood them up. Samman breathed deeply. Gordon landed a big counter right. Gordon worked and got a double, 2:00. Guard. Samman isolating the left arm. Boos. Gordon landed a right. Half-guard, left elbow. Another. 1:00. Samman regained guard. Samman worked for the right arm. 30. Rights to body. 15. "Elbow!" Serra screamed, R1 ends, 10-9 Gordon.

R2 began. Gordon landed a right, they exchanged, Samman scrambled and had the back, Gordon reversed landing in half-guard. Samman regained guard. 4:00. Gordon landed a left elbow. Not much happening. Boos. Samman trying to work his way up. 3:00. Gordon keeping him down. Gordon passed to half-guard. Rogan called it boring. I wasn't watching for like thirty seconds. Ref stood them up. 2:00. Samman landed a sloppy combo, dropped Gordon out cold with a high kick and a left hand right after, holy fuck. Wow. 3:08 R2. Samman said he never lost the belief that he would win. He said he had drilled the left high kick the entire camp and had told his corner he'd get him with a left high kick. He asked for the $50,000 performance of the night bonus to change his life. He dedicated the win to his wife he lost over a year ago.