Thiago dropping Koscheck with an excellent uppercut.

The fight was then-undefeated Paulo Thiago's UFC debut.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They touched gloves. They circled. Koscheck kept coming for the overhand right or the wild left. Thiago landed a leg kick. Koscheck landed the left. Koscheck landed the big overhand right to Thiago's chin and staggered Thiago. Thiago landed a leg kick. Koscheck landed another big right. Koscheck landed a good combination leading with a left hook. Koscheck landed a leg kick. Koscheck landed a high body kick. Koscheck landed a big right again. Thiago was throwing punches and dropping his hands immediately afterward, and Koscheck was capitalizing on that. Thiago landed an uppercut and knocked out Koscheck. The fight was over. Koscheck was arguing. Thiago remained undefeated.

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