Haynes salmon

Haynes landing one of his big right hands to the jaw of Salmon.

The fight was an unexpectedly good fight.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Haynes pumped the jab. Salmon landed an awkward leg kick. They clinched and broke. Haynes landed a right as they broke, countering. Haynes landed another right hand. Salmon landed a right hand and they clinched. Couture yelled instructions to Haynes. Salmon broke with a knee to the cheek. Salmon landed a side kick. Salmon pushed forward and cornered Haynes and clinched. Salmon landed a few knees to the thigh and broke with a right hand and another and ate a counter right and slipped and stood to the clinch. Salmon nearly had the trip. Haynes landed a right hand inside. Haynes landed another right hand inside. Salmon broke with a knee to the body. Salmon landed a body kick and ate a counter right. Haynes landed a counter right and dropped Salmon and pounced to side control and landed a few hammerfists and then repeated punches downwards postured in half-guard and hammerfists and Salmon turtled up. They stood and broke. One forty. Haynes landed another right hand. They clinched. Salmon got the takedown to guard and passed to half-guard. Salmon landed an elbow to the body. Forty. Salmon landed some short right hands inside and was warned for hitting the back of the head. He landed some body shots and the referee stood them up with twenty-five remaining. Ten. Salmon landed a big knee to the face and a right hand and they clinched. Salmon landed a nice knee to the body and a good uppercut inside as the first round ended. The second round began. They circled. Salmon landed a right hand. Haynes dropped Salmon with another right hand to half-guard, rolled for an armbar and Salmon had the back nicely. He landed punches in under and stood to the clinch. This has turned out to be a surprisingly good fight. They broke. Four ten. Haynes's nose was bloody. Haynes landed a good rght hand. Haynes landed another nice right hand. Salmon landed a leg kick. They clinched and Salmon landed a right hand and another one. There was some blood from Haynes's nose. Salmon got a nice throw to side control. Three twenty remaining. Salmon looked for a kimura. Haynes turned, Salmon was looking to take the back and he elevated Salmon and came on top to full-guard. Haynes landed a nice right hand. Two thirty. Haynes rolled for a Achilles lock and then Salmon was trying to step out of it and he cried out in pain and tapped the mat repeatedly and collapsed covering his face. Haynes pointed at the crowd and flexed his muscles as blood leaked from his nose.

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