Santiago landing a big right hand to the jaw of Prangley.

The fight was the finals of the first and only Strikeforce middleweight tourney. Jorge Santiago had won earlier that night knocking out Sean Salmon quickly, and Trevor Prangley had won earlier winning a decision over Falaniko Vitale. The fight was two five-minute rounds.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled sizinge ach other up. Santiago missed a right hand and dodged an uppercut. Santiago landed a leg kick. Prangley landed an uppercut and a left hook. Prangley landed a body shot. Santiago landed an overhand right. Prangley missed a body kick. Santiago landed a leg kick and dodged away. Prangley landed a body kick. Prangley landed a left hook. Santiago landed a massive looping right. He landed a leg kick and dropped Prangley, Prangley stood up. Prangley landed a left hook. Prangley landed a jab. Two fifty-five. Santiago landed a body kick, Prangley caught it and they clinched. They broke after a moment. They clinched, Santiago landed a big pair of knees to the body and dropped Prangley and landed a right hand on the way down and it was all over. Santiago won.

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