Fitch trying for a high knee to a dazed Carneiro.

Roan Carneiro put up one of the best fights against Jon Fitch in his career, taking the renowned wrestler down twice.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Fitch landed an inside leg kick. They circled around. Fitch landed a body kick and an inside leg kick. Carneiro shot and got a double-leg to guard and that's rare. Four twenty. Carneiro landed a pair of hammerfists and postured up and then turtled Fitch up. Four minutes. Three thirty. Carneiro rolled for an anaconda and it was deep. Fitch got out and he had the side back mount with three minutes. Carneiro stood to the clinch, ate a knee to the face and another to the body. Two thirty. Carneiro landed a knee to the inner thigh. Carneiro had double underhooks. Two minutes. Carneiro really looking for that takedown and he landed another knee to the inner thigh. One thirty. Fitch hammerfisting the hip. Some more. Fitch defended the takedown with the whizzer. Carneiro got the double-leg to guard with one minute. Carneiro postured up and turtled Fitch up again. Twenty. Fitch on one knee. The first round ended. The second round began. Fitch landed an inside leg kick. They clinched and Fitch kneed the body. They broke. Fitch landed a left hand and Carneiro was rocked and dropped. Fitch pounded with a few shots. He landed some more shots. Four twenty. They scrambled, Fitch had the back with one hook. He landed some partially blocked shots in under. Some more. Four minutes. Carneirow as bloody. Fitch had the choke and Carneiro tapped with three fifty-three. They hugged.

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