Fitch looking to get the back of Fioravanti.

Fitch had a five-inch reach advantage and a three-inch height advantage as well.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Fitch landed a leg kick, caught by Fioravanti but he let it go. Fioravanti missed a big left hook. Fitch tried for a head kick. They clinched and Fitch landed a couple of knees. Fioravanti landed a knee and broke the clinch away. Fitch went for the takedown, defended by Fioravanti. Fioravanti landed some body shots. Fitch landed a few knees. Fitch got a brief takedown and then the standing clinch. Fitch got the takedown and then into full guard and immediately began landing some shots from the top. Three minutes now remained. Fitch moved to side control and began landing knees to the midsection. Fitch spun to take the back of Fioravanti and began landing strikes from the top. Fioravanti moved it back to half guard and then full guard. Fioravanti landed a shot from the bottom. Two minutes remained. Fitch moved down to side control. Fioravanti moved it to half guard and then full guard. Fitch postured up and landed some shots from the top. They stood up. Fioravanti was bloodied up by his left eye now. Fioravanti landed a nice right hand. Fitch smiled. Fifty-five seconds remained. They clinched and exchanged knees. Luigi spun away and landed a right hand and then a left. Fitch tried for a high kick and they clinched. Both men exchanged knees. Fifteen seconds remained. Fioravanti threw a knee and then another. The first round ended.

The second round began. Fitch threw a leg kick and they clinched. Fioravanti threw a knee and then broke the clinch. Fitch winced, might have hit the groin but he continued. Fitch went for the takedown and grabbed a single but Fioravanti escaped. Fioravanti threw a leg kick and Fitch tried to respond but missed. They clinched and Fitch threw a wicked knee to the body. Fitch picked Fioravanti up and slammed him, probably a KO slam if Fioravanti hadn't held the fence on the wayd own. Fitch began landing some hard shots from the top. Fioravanti stood but Fitch still had the leg. Fioravanti attempted to spin around to take Fitch's back and then held a donkey guard. Fitch escaped and took Fioravanti's back. Fitch began softening Fioravanti up with some shots from the top position as he looked for a rear-naked choke. Fitch sank it in. Fioravanti spit out his mouthpiece. The choke continued. Fioravanti tapped out with one minute and fifty-two seconds remaining in the second round.

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