Jackson daddy

The only picture I could find of the fight, with Stevenson on top dominantly.

The fight was for the King of the Cage welterweight championship apparently.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Stevenson shot in and worked for the single-leg takedown. He was lifting the leg but he couldn't get it. He dumped Jackson with a double-leg to guard and avoided a triangle. Jackson was struggling to cotnrol the hands of Stevenson. Stevenson passed to half-guard and then side control. Stevenson landed a good elbow. He had Jackson pinned against the cage. He went for mount, Jackson was wall-walking to avoid. Stevenson got the crucifix almost but he couldn't. Stevenson mounted nicely. Stevenson landed two right hands in under and two big elbows and pounded with big rights and lefts and it was all over. Jackson tapped.

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