Doerksen murray

A tiny, tiny picture of Doerksen securing the kimura.

The fight, in 2000, was the finals of a four-man middleweight tournament for the Extreme Challenge promotion. Lee Murray came in undefeated and the fight was one of only two losses in his relatively short mixed martial arts career. Joe Doerksen had defeated Mark Jaquith earlier that night, and Murray had defeated Chris Albandia.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They clinched and wrestled for position. Doerksen was struggling for the takedown. Murray was defending the single-leg well. Murray got Doerksen down into guard. Doerksen was controlling the left arm. He threw up a triangle attempt. Murray avoided. 'Do not let him wrap his legs up on you!' Doerksen pun for a kimura and he had the arm isolated. He pulled the arm out and was cranking it and Murray tapped. Murray helped Doerksen up and they hugged.

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