Lister Horn 4

Lister squeezing the tight arm-in guillotine to finish Horn.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They faced off slowly. Lister landed a leg kick. They clinched. They broke. Horn landed a jab. Horn stuffed a takedown and shoved Lister down, Lister sat there. Four twenty. They circled. Lister shot in, Horn got on top to half-guard with four minutes as Lister pulled that half-guard. Horn landed some short rights to the side of Lister's head. The forehead actually. Some more. Three thirty. Lister basically regained guard. Horn stood out and let Lister up with three minutes. Horn obviously felt he had the standing advantage. Horn landed a good jab. He missed a hook. Lister landed a good right hand. Horn blocked a high kick and shoved Lister down and then let him up. Two thirty. They clinched, Horn stuffed the takedown. Lister broke with a knee. Two fifteen remained with Horn landing a leg kick. Lister landed a good uppercut right hand combination. He shot in, Horn stuffed it and then Lister got the takedown to guard with two minutes. Lister landed a good elbow. Lister postured up. Horn landed a hammerfist from the bottom. One thirty-five. Lister landed a good elbow. Lister grabbed a guillotine and turned pulling half-guard with it and it was tight. One fifteen remaining. Horn tapped the thigh after a moment. They stood and hugged. Lackluster fight but decent guillotine finish.

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