Arai pulver

Pulver landing knees to the head of Arai.

The fight was the last for Jens Pulver in Pride.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Arai landed a body kick, Pulver caught it and kicked the leg and turtled Arai up sprawling. Pulver landed a knee to the forehead and another. They broke. Pulver landed a left hand. Arai landed a knee. Arai landed a combination. Pulver grabbed the plum for a few knees and broke. Arai landed a right hand and another. Pulver landed a left hand. Arai missed an uppercut. Arai landed an uppercut. Arai landed a right handa nd another and a knee to the body. Pulver had a headlock. They clinched. Pulver landed a body shot. He broke with a left hand to the face. Pulver blocked a high kick. Pulver with good defense. Pulver landed a hard left hand and another and dropped Arai, turtled him up with four knees and they stood and broke. Pulver landed a right hand. Arai landed a elft hand and missed an uppercut. Pulver blocked a high kick. Pulver landed a hard left hook. Pulver landed another left hook. They clinched. They broke. Arai landed some jabs and a left hand. Pulver landed a left hand and another and missed a high kick that Arai ducked under and laid on his back rolling and ate a soccer kick and he was out and the referee stopped the fight.

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