Hieron heleno

Hieron dropping Heleno with a right hand.

The fight was the finals of the IFL welterweight grand prix for the vacant IFL welterweight title.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Hieron missed a high kick after a moment or three of circling. Hieron missed an inside leg kick. Heleno elusive early. Hieron trying to corner Heleno. Hieron landed a nice one-two and the right straight landed flush. Heleno pushed forward and missed a right hand. Heleno shot in, Hieron stuffed it and landed a pair of good right hands as they broke. Hieron landed an inside leg kick. Hieron landed another inside leg kick. Boos coming. Hieron landed a good right hook to the chin. Hieron landed a leg kick. Hieron landed another good leg kick, Heleno slipped but stood. Heleno's nose was bloody. Hieron landed an inside leg kick. Another. Hieron landed a good straight right. Another inside leg kick. Another inside leg kick. They clinched and Hieron broke with a good knee. Heleno slipped a big right. Heleno was limping a bit. Hieron landed a leg kick. Big boos coming. Hieron landed a leg kick, Heleno nearly caught it. Heleno tried a body kick and ate an overhand right. Hieron landed an uppercut and a big right hand and another and dropped Heleno and pounced into guard pounding away hard with right hands and the first round ended. Between rounds however, Heleno surrendered due to leg injury relinquishing the title to Hieron.

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