Schafer houston

Schafer locking up the fight-ending arm triangle near the end of the first round.

Houston Alexander was already on a two-fight losing streak.

The FightEdit

The first round began. The crowd chanted 'Houston'. Schafer dropped to his knees as they clinched and he ate a pair of big knees to the face, Schafer grabbed for a kneebar but Alexander came on top to guard with two big right hands. Four twenty with the crowd chanting 'Houston'. Houston stood up out of the guard and let Schafer up. Alexander landed a good leg kick. He landed another. Schafer shot for the single, Alexander stuffed it with four minutes and landed a big knee. The crowd chanted 'Houston' again. Alexander broke. Schafer shot again. Alexander stuffed it immediately. Schafer tried for a high crotch pick. Alexander defended it. Schafer landed a few good knees with three twenty. Schafer landed another good knee. Alexander landed a big knee. Another big knee. Three minutes. They broke. The crowd chanted Alexander's name. Schafer shot again, Alexander defended the double for a moment and then Schafer got it to half-guard and passed to side control with no resistance. Two twenty-five remained. Schafer got the crucifix in. Two fifteen. Schafer landed a trio of punches. Schafer rolled and turtled up. Schafer pulled an arm-in guillotine. Alexander fought it with two minutes but Schafer rolled on top to mount. Schafer landed a few short elbows. Another two punches as the crowd chanted Alexander's name. One thirty. Alexander was struggling to hip escape, he ate another pair of right hands and a pair of short elbows and another right hand and five short elbows, the last few were big ones. Schafer landed a few left hands in under. One minute with Schafer landed a big right and a big left. Alexander rolled and gave up the back. Back to mount eating three right hands. Schafer landed a pair of elbows to the forehead. Another trio of big elbows. Schafer worked for an arm triangle possibly or a kimura. Yep that's an arm triangle. Fifteen and it's in tight and Schafer passed to side control and it was tight, Alexander landed a few body shots and then tapped the shoulder. The crowd booed raucuously. Schafer shrugged at them. Schafer said Alexander was the one of the nicest guys he had ever met and gave him major props.

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