After the fight, Hermes Franca asked for -- and was given -- a title shot against lightweight champion Sean Sherk.

The FightEdit

The first round began. (First round I could only get play-by-play. I found the second round on Dailymotion though luckily enough.) Fisher denies Franca’s invitation to touch hands at the beginning of the contest. Fisher strikes early but nothing lands clean. Hermes scores a fast takedown and quickly moves to side-control. Fisher gets back his guard. Hermes unleashes some ground and pound. Franca falls back for a heelhook but Spencer defends. Fisher escapes to his feet. Hermes again takes the fight to the floor. Franca, now working from half-guard, throws powerful punches at the head of his opponent. First round is all Franca. The first round came to an end. The second round began. Fisher came out with a missed flying knee. Fisher landed an inside leg kick nicely. Fisher landed a right hand. They clinched, Fisher stuffed a single with four thirty-five. Franca fell to his back, dodged an axe kcik and tried a kneebar, Fisher avoided and pulled guard. He ladned an elbow from the bottom. Four fifteen. Another elbow. Four minutes as Franca landed some body shots now. He passed nicely to side control. He landed an elbow. Fisher avoided mount, retaining half-guard there. Franca landed a left hand and a right. He trapped the arm with his knee and landed left hands downward. Three fifteen. A hard left hand. Franca landed a body shot. Three minutes as he passed to side control. Fisher avoided knee on belly and pulled half-guard again. He retained guard very very nicely. Franca avoided a triangle. Two thirty-five. The referee stood them up. Franca dodged a high kick. They clinched and broke. Two fifteen. Fisher missed an uppercut. They clinched. Franca landed a pair of left hooks inside. Fisher broke eating an elbow. He landed a blocked Superman punch and a knee with two minutes. Franca missed a left hook. He ate an uppercut. Fisher landed a body shot. Fisher stuffed a double and they clinched with one thirty-five. Fisher kneed the body. What a fucking fight so far. Fisher stuffed a double, Franca laid down and stood. One fifteen. Fisher landed a right hand. Franca landed a big right hand and Fisher backed off, he was hurt. Franca pounced with a flying knee to the body and blocked combinations. One minute. A hard left hook. Fisher covering up along the fence and the ref stopped it. Fisher looked dazed.

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