Cooper franca

Cooper riding the back of Franca.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Cooper blocked a high kick and slammed Franca hard into guard. Franca was looking to control one of Cooper's arms to set up something. He looked like he might be looking for an omoplata. Yep he was pulling the leg over. Switched to an armbar, Cooper avoided and nearly had the back, he stood and tossed Franca down and Franca hugged the leg by the ropes. Franca gave up his back. He ate two shots in under. Franca turned and gave up side control. The referee was checking Cooper's glove and then they continued onwards. Franca retained guard. Cooper landed a left hand and another. Cooper landed another left hand a moment later. Another hard left hand a moment later and a right. A short left hand. He was looking to pass. He landed a hard another left and a right before the referee shoved him off. Boom dude wicked.left hand and another. A hard right hand and another and Franca was out and Cooper landed another left and a right before the referee shoved him off. Boom dude wicked.

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