Came back about two minutes into Tibau vs. Parke, they're circling. Tibau landed a left. Parke landed an inside kick. Parke blocked a spinning wheel kick. 2:00. Parke blocked a high kick. Tibau easily stuffed a double and landed a knee and a left hand. Tibau landed a left. Parke landed a right hook. 1:00 as Tibau landed a left to the body and head. Parke landed a glancing high kick. 35. Parke kneed the body in the clinch, Tibau replied. And again. Parke kneed the leg, stuffed a single, they broke, 15. R1 ends, 10-9 Tibau from what I saw.

R2 began. Parke tried a handstand kick. They clinched. They broke. Tibau landed an inside kick. He checked one. Tibau landed a hard leg kick. And an inside kick. 4:00. Parke blocked a spinning back fist. Tibau landed a left, stuffed a single to the clinch. Tibau kneed the leg. Stuffed a trip. They broke. 3:00. Parke landed a left. Tibau got a nicely timed double. Parke stood to the clinch. Worked a double. 2:00. Parke kneed the leg. Kneed the body. Tibau worked a double. Boos. Tibau got it. Landed a left. Parke stood to the clinch. 1:00. Trading knees to legs. More. 35. Tibau kneed the body. They broke. 15. Tibau stuffed a double. Defends a single, R2 ends, 10-9 Tibau IMO but closer.

R3 began and they touched gloves. Tibau landed a left. And an inside kick. Tibau defended a telegraphed double. They broke. 4:00. Tibau landed a right hook. And a jab, kneed the head. Parke stuffed a double. Parke landed a pair of jabs and a big left. Parke landed a jab. Stalking, worked a double. 3:00. They broke. Parke landed a pair of jabs. Parke landed a body kick. Parke landed a short left. Tibau defended a double, tried a standing guillotine. 2:00. Let it go, they broke, Parke kneed the body. Parke tried a double. They broke. Parke landed a left to the body and a jab. 1:00. Parke stuffed a single. Parke landed a left and a right. 35 as Parke landed a nice one-two and a left, Tibau stuffed a single. 15 as Tibau landed a leg kick. Nice exchange, Tibau landed a counter left, defended a single. R3 ends, 10-9 Parke but close, 29-28 Tibau. 29-28 split for.. Tibau. Finally a good decision against an Irish fighter tonight.