Ginacarano tonyaevinger01

Carano looking to set up a rear-naked choke on Evinger without hooks.

Evinger had said at the weigh-in that she would rather 'make out with Gina Carano but instead she was going to have to knock her out.'

The FightEdit

The first round of the three three-minute round fight began. Evinger landed a right hand and got the takedown into side control. Evinger went for full mount but was unsuccessful. She managed to make it into half-guard. Evinger went for a guillotine choke from the half-guard. Carona sweeped and got out of the guillotine and got on top and went into Evinger's half-guard. Carano got to a crouch, shoving Evinger to the fence. Carano got Evinger's back and went for the rear-naked choke. Thirty seconds remained in the first round. With eight seconds remaining, Evinger tapped out to the rear-naked choke. It was Carano's first submission victory.

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