5674-12-Page vs Sudo

Page landing ground-and-pound in Sudo's dangerous guard.

The fight was for K-1. After the fight, Genki Sudo] shockingly retired from mixed martial arts.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Sudo came out with his back to Page crouching and then dancing around sideways crouching. He missed a side kick. He landed one to the body and Page came for the clinch aggressively. Page got the takedown to guard. Sudo was controlling one of Page's arms. Page landed a hammerfist and then a right hand. He landed a pair of body shots. Page avoided a triangle. He landed a hammerfist. Page postured up. He landed a pair of body shots. Page landed a pair of hammerfists nicely. Page landed a big hammerfist. Page landed a body shot. Three fifteen. Page landed a right hand and another, not much behind them though. Three minutes. Sudo threw up a triangle and then locked it up and it was tight, he tried for an omoplata, Page postured up out of it, dodged an upkick and came back down to guard with a big hammerfist. He landed another big hammerfist and another. Two twenty remaining. Page landed a big hammerfist. Sudo locked up another triangle and landed two left hands as well. Page was fighting it. He turned him to the side and had it tight and Page tapped.

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