The FightEdit

The first round began. Reiner landed a good knee high and then grabbed the clinch with another pair of knees and they clinched regularly. 'Let's go, Petz, whoo!' They broke. Reiner was very aggressive. Reiner landed a leg kick. Petz got the takedown. Reiner pulled guard after he took a hard overhand right. Reiner landed a body kick to the liver. Reiner came in and they clinched. Three twenty-five remained. Reiner tried to pull guard, Petz avoided. Reiner had the plum with two knees. Petz landed an overhand right. Reiner worked for a single-leg. Reiner broke eating a short left hook. Petz landed another left hook. They clinched. Petz landed a knee. They broke. Petz landed a jab and a big right hand lightning-fast behind the ear and Reiner went down and Petz pounded away but Reiner was already out and the referee stopped it.

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