Griffin fulton

A tiny picture of Griffin riding Fulton's back.

The FightEdit

The first round began and Griffin landed a right hand dropping Fulton and following him down into side control. He landed a knee to the body and another, and a moment later seventeen, and then two more, you get the picture. Not much behind them but yeah still dude. Another pair of knees and another pair. Fulton defending the mount well using the cage. Four knees, with more behind them, and another. Griffin mounted. He had a high mount but a good one. He landed a right hand. A trio of elbows and then... to the otehr side, nine more, two more to the other side, three more to the other side, three more, six or seven more, two more, switching sides. A pair of right hands and Fulton gave up his back. Fulton was bloodied up. Griffin had both hooks in. Blood covered Griffin's elbow. Griffin landed three elbows downward. Another trio of elbows. A pair of right hands in under. A pair of hammerfists, another elbow to the back of the head. Fulton looks done. He's just covering up. No attempts to escape thus far. A trio of hard right hands in under. Four more elbows to the forehead in under.A trio of left hands in under. Another pair of elbows to the forehead. Another trio to the other ear. Thirty seconds left, Griffin's corner yelled. Four elbows to that side of the forehead again. Another to the ear after a moment. Five more to that other forehead. A pair of right hands in under. Griffin stood as the first round ended. They hugged. The doctor came to check Fulton. The cut was somewhere on the top of his head, in his hair. A big-breasted, barely-covered ring girl paraded by meanwhile. Actually all of the elbows I said had hit his forehead hit the top of his head. Forrest checked the cut and grinned as the fight was stopped and he raised Fulton's hand. Fulton picked him up in congratulations.

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