Rashad Forrest

Evans hammerfisting the champion in the third round.

The fight was for the UFC light-heavyweight championship with Forrest Griffin defending. Rashad Evans was coming off of a vicious knockout over former champion Chuck Liddell, Griffin was coming off of a controversial decision victory over Quinton Jackson in which he won the title.

The FightEdit

The fighters came out as the first round of the fight began. They began circling. The crowd immediately began chanting 'Forrest'. They exchanged, Griffin keeping his head high. Griffin landed a body kick. Evans landed a hard right hand. Griffin landed a leg kick and then a body kick. Evans landed a kick. Three minutes remained in the first round. Evans landed a couple good strikes and backed away quickly. Griffin landed a triple jab. Evans landed a strike and Griffin responded with a kick. The crowd erupted. Evans landed a body shot. Two minutes remained in the first round. Evans landed another good body shot and checked a body kick. Evans threw a good leg kick of his own, staggering Griffin. Griffin pushed forward. One minute remained in the first round. Evans landed a jab and then a hook. Griffin responded with a good right hand. The crowd began chanting 'Forrest'. Griffin landed a big kick to the ribs. Griffin went for a Superman punch and then the round ended.

Round two began. Griffin went for a kick and Evans slipped. Evans landed a good jab and then another and Griffin landed a leg kick. Griffin landed a nice right hand then a nice leg kick and pushed forward and then another leg kick and a jab and pushed forward. The crowd roared. Griffin landed a leg kick. Three minutes remained in the second round. Griffin landed a kick to the hip and then countered with an inside leg kick, pushing forward with strikes. Evans smiled. Griffin tried for a head kick, which was blocked. Two minutes remained in the second round. Evans landed a kick and then a body shot. An inadvertant low blow occured and the fighters touched gloves. The crowd chanted 'Forrest' and he landed a leg kick, Evans responded with a big right hand. Evans landed a leg kick. Fifty seconds remained. Evans pushed forward with a good combination. Griffin threw a leg kick, landed a good combination of his own. The round came to conclusion.

The third round began. Griffin went for a leg kick with four minutes and twenty-five seconds remaining, Evans caught the kick and began hammerfisting Griffin, looking to finish the fight quickly. Griffin was still smiling, waiting for Evans to punch himself into weariness. Griffin pulled full guard and began controlling Evans' arms. Evans began dominating however from the top. Griffin looked dazed. With two minutes and twenty-two seconds remaining, Rashad hit Forrest with a punch which badly rocked the champion and began hammerfisting. Mazzagati stopped the fight and Evans was the new light-heavyweight champion. Griffin broke his hand in the fight.

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