The fight was for the fifth UFC interim heavyweight championship. Mark Hunt was a late replacement for injured UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The first round began and they touched gloves. Werdum landed a good leg kick. Hunt landed an inside kick. He landed a jab and ate a body kick, he blocked a high kick. Hunt dropped him with a right and let him up. 4:00. Hunt landed a left. Pace yourself bro. Werdum landed a leg kick. Hunt easily stuffed a desperate diving single. Werdum's tentative. He tried a wheel kick though. 3:00. It landed I think but just a slap with the sole of the foot. Hunt stuffed a double reversing to half-guard. Shit get out! Werdum closed guard. GET OUT! Hunt posturing up. Werdum working a high guard. GET OUT! Hunt landed a left. 2:00. Werdum punching from the bottom. GET OUT! Hunt landed a few heavy short lefts. Werdum getting wrist control though. Fuck! He's thinking triangle. Hunt escaped it, landed a right. Hunt landed a right. What the fuck is he thinking?! Hunt stood and let him up. 1:00. Hunt landed a jab. Werdum landed an inside kick. Hunt landed a good right and an uppercut, hurt him! 35. Hunt stuffed a tentative single and landed a hard left. 15. Hunt landed a right stuffing a single, worked a single, escaped a standing guillotine, ate a high kick, R1 ends, 10-9 Hunt, fucking crazy round. Werdum's corner wants jabs and told him he lost that round. "Those hands are not going to put you down." R2 began and they touched gloves. Hunt missed a huge winging right. He dropped him with a big counter right and let him up. Missed another big right. 4:00. Werdum landed a jab. Werdum missed a high kick. Werdum tried a wheel kick and Hunt shoved him down. Werdum landed a leg kick. Hunt landed an uppercut, ate a counter right. 3:00. Hunt sprawled a single stuffing it beautifully. Werdum dropped him with a flying knee, right after right on the ground, more, more, more, it's over. Fuck my fucking life. Hunt got up wobbling and complaining, Werdum hugged him. Werdum was very emotional. 2:27 R2.