Alvarez in mount pounding Imada at the start of the second round.

The fight was in the finals of the Bellator Season 1 lightweight tournament, for the vacant Bellator lightweight title.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled. Alvarez was hunting him down. Imada landed a knee to the body. Alvarez pushed forward with a body shot. Imada with good head movement circling. Imada landed a leg kick. They clinched. Not much of consequence landed so far. The crowd chanted 'Eddie'. Alvarez landed five body shots inside and ate a pair of knees and another knee. Alvarez tried for a throw, Imada defended, nearly had the back, they stood and broke. Imada with good head movement and they clinched. They broke. They clinched again. Three fifteen. Three minutes. Alvarez landed a knee. Two forty. Two twenty-five. Imada got a hip toss nearly to side cotnrol, they stood to the clinch. They broke. Two minutes. Imada landed a right hand. Alvarez blocked a high kick and a body kick and they clinched. One thirty-five. The crowd chanted 'Eddie'. Alvarez landed a good knee. One fifteen with Alvarez breaking with an elbow. Alvarez landed a leg kick. Imada with good head movement. One minute with Alvarez landing a jab. Alvarez landed a big left hook to the body. Imada avoided the clinch. Forty. Imada landed a good uppercut inside. Imada landed a left hand. Twenty-five remaining. Alvarez landed another good left hook. They clinched. Ten. Imada turned and took the standing back but the first round ended. Imada's corner told him that he won that round. The second round began and they touched gloves. Imada came in with a knee to the body and ate a counter right hook and dropped hard. Alvarez pounced passing to mount. imada tried to hug. He rolled and Alvarez took the back with both hooks. Four thirty and he had the choke. He had it tight with four twenty-five and a second later Imada tapped.

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