The fight was for King of the Cage.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They exchanged quickly and clinched. Not much going on. Not much going on here man. Ludwig landed a knee to the body. Ludwig was trying for the trip and he got it right into mount. Ludwig flattened him out. Smith was doing a good job of defending. Not much really going on besides Smith trying to escape. Smith was looking for a mounted guillotine from the bottom, that's amazing. Ludwig was complaining about something. Maybe he thought it was illegal. Maybe his mouthpiece fell out or he got an eyepoke. Ludwig popped out and Smith turned and gave up the back. They turned and broke. Ludwig landed a high kick and another and dropped Smith. The referee let Smith stand. Ludwig landed a pair of knees. Ludwig did a weird pose like the Karate Kid thing. Ludwig landed a body kick and missed a high kick spinning with it. Ludwig landed a leg kick turning it to a switch kick to the body. Ludwig landed a body kick and a blocked high kick. Ludwig landed a body shot and a big leg kick and a left and a right and the corner stopped it throwing in the towel. Smith collapsed sitting down by the cage and it was over. Ludwig stepped out of his pants to his shorts and celebrated. Ludwig hugged Bas Rutten, his mentor. They hugged afterwards. Ludwig destroyed Smith.'s take on the fightEdit

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