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The fight was Tomasz Drwal's middleweight debut.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Drwal landed an inside leg kick and ate one of his own. It skipped for a bit and finally showed it four fifteen with McFedries defending the single-leg. Drwal broke with some dirty boxing landing an uppercut. Four minutes. McFedries landed an inside leg kick. McFedries had a cut over his right eyebrow and on his left cheek. Drwal landed a leg kick. They clinched and broke. Three fifteen with Drwal landing a leg kick. McFedries landed a big uppercut but Drwal had the standing back with three mintues. Drwal had him down in basically half-guard. He was warned for grabbing the shorts, he had the back and McFedries stood, Drwal had the standing back still. Drwal landed a few knees to the back of the leg and another and another. Drwal landed another to the head and they broke. Drwal landed a jab and a right hand. Drwal stuffed a takedown. Two minutes. Drwal blocked a combination. Drwal landed a left hand. McFedries landed a pair of left hands. One twenty. McFedries landed an inside leg kick. Drwal landed a jab and a right hand. One minute. Drwal made the bring it on gesture. Drwal landed a left hook. Drwal landed a left hand. McFedries stumbled but stood. Drwal looked for the single and got it to the full guard. Thirty. Drwal postured. Drwal passed to side control and mounted. McFedries gave up the back with one hook with ten. He got the other hook. The first round ended. Drwal had a tiny cut under his left eye. "Quit loading up, you're better than that," Lawler told Drew. "Loosen up and throw combos." The second round began. McFedries was tired. Drwal landed a right hand and they clinched. Drwal landed a knee to the body. He got the trip to side control. Four twenty-five. Drwal mounted. McFedries gave up the back. Drwal had the choke with four minutes, McFedries spit out the mouthpiece and tapped wtih three-fifty five.

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